BNL iDirect is a scalable, high performance satellite Internet system - customer's VSAT equipment
package and service that delivers broadband Internet access with up to 4 mbit/s speeds.

With BNL iDirect, anywhere within the coverage map, you can easily get broadband Internet access to communicate back home or launch your Internet Cafe or WiFi access business. The iDirect satellite routers are a completely autonomous units and require just the electricity source to provide a full-featured broadband Internet access at any location, much like a terrestrial DSL or Frame Relay connectivity. Absolutely no phone lines are required. A typical network diagram is illustrated below.

The customer installs a relatively small satellite antenna and the iDirect 3100 satellite router to establish a 2-way Receive/Transmit link with the satellite connecting further to the teleport with a Network Operations Centre and a gateway in Europe.

The satellite Internet link can be up and running within couple of minutes after the installation and stays on 24/7, much like terrestrial leased line connection.

iDirect platform has been developed under a unique combination of skills in data networking, digital communications, satellite access, and network management to provide a high grade, scalable next generation satellite networking product.

BNL iDirect service features advanced D-TDMA technology and supports business quality Voice over IP and Video conferencing traffic.

The iDirect iNFINITI series product line includes the 3000, 5000 and 7000 series of remote VSAT supporting different levels of user requirements as well as a family of line cards. The iDirect iNFINITI series enables network operators to support SCPC, Mesh and Star networks to multiple satellites all from a single hub chassis. The hub solutions built from the iDirect iNFINITI series platform will allow for scalability to multiple thousands of remote sites. To manage the entire network, operators will be able to use the iDirect scalable Network Management System (NMS) architecture to support global network customers with a single NMS for worldwide implementation.

The iDirect iNFINITI series line of remote routers includes a low cost model optimized for Internet protocol (IP) transfer (iDirect 3000 series), an enterprise class router designed to support business critical applications including VoIP and Video (iDirect 5000 series), and a high end solution offering full encryption and a PCI expansion slot for even greater flexibility (iDirect 7000 series). On the hub router side, iDirect is rolling out a series of interoperable line cards designed to support greater network functionality in a single hub chassis, and virtually unlimited bandwidth when multiple chassis are networked together.

The iDirect Series 3000 Satellite Router

The iDirect Series 3000 Satellite RouterAs part of the iNFINITI series, the iDirect series 3000 Satellite Router provides an economical entry point into satellite networking and is an ideal solution for small to medium enterprise customers with basic remote networking needs. Able to deliver broadband access of up to 18 Mbps downstream, and 4.2 Mbps upstream, the 3000 series can support all your IP applications remotely, including VoIP and basic Video. iDirect's series 3000 Remote Satellite Router is a "single box" solution that includes a satellite modem, IP router, TCP acceleration over satellite, and QoS/prioritization in an easy to deploy, reliable design.

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