Why BNL?

BNL, being a BusinessCom Internet via Satellite company already supplies Internet connectivity services to US Army soldiers in Iraq. Currently, over 1000 US soldiers are enjoying our connectivity and everybody seem to be pretty happy. We have systems servicing small groups of up to 10 soldiers as well as PEP-iDirect setups, providing access to 300-500 soldiers. We perfectly know the bandwidth requirements of military people and are able to suggest the optimal solution basing on our experience working with the army men. BusinessCom has also been selected to provide it's satellite services by US Department of State, Raytheon Corporation, United Nations, Bosch, Nestle and others. You may get more information about us at our website http://www.bcsatellite.net/

Choose your location in Iraq

Below you can find a list of the supported locations in Iraq. If you can't find your location please contact us so our sales team could check the service coverage and possibility to deliver the hadrware bundle to your address.

Please click on the location from the list above get costs estimation for the equipment and delivery fees.

US Army Camps in Iraq

Camp Abu Naji [Al Amarah]
Camp Adder [Tallil AB]
Camp Al Asad [al-Asad AB]
Camp Al-Adala [Kadhamiyah/Baghdad]
Camp Al-Amal [Baghdad]
Camp Al-Hurya Al-Awal [Baquba AF]
Camp Al-Hurya Al-Thani [Green Zone]
Camp Al-Isdehar [Al Salam]
Camp Al-Istiqlal [Baghdad AB]
Camp al-Nasr [Abu Ghurayb]
Camp Al-Saqr [Rasheed AB]
Camp Al-Sharaf [Green Zone]
Camp Al-Tadamun [Adhamiyah/Baghdad]
Camp al-Tahreer [Abu Ghurayb]
Camp Al-Tawheed Al-Awal [Al Sijood]
Camp Al-Tawheed Al-Thani [Al Sijood]
Camp Al-Watani [Green Zone]
Camp Anaconda [Balad AB]
Camp Andaluz [Kufa]
Camp Anderson [Diwaniyeh]
Camp Arkansas [Al Salam]
Camp Arrow [Ad Dawr]
Camp Ashraf
Camp Avalanche [Abu Ghurayb Prison]
Camp Babylon
Camp Baharia [Fallujah]
Camp Balad [Balad AB]
Camp Basilone [Qalat Sukar AB]
Camp Black Jack
Camp Blackjack [Abu Ghurayb]
Camp Blue Diamond [Ar Ramadi]
Camp Bonzai [Kadhamiyah/Baghdad]
Camp Boom [Baquba]
Camp Brassfield-Mora [Samarra]
Camp Bucca [Umm Qasr]
Camp Bushmaster [Najaf]
Camp Bushwacker
Camp Caldwell [Kirkush]
Camp Cedar [Tallil AB]
Camp Cedar II [Tallil AB]
Camp Chesty [Kut AB]
Camp Claiborne [Mosul AB]
Camp Cobra [Abu Ghurayb]
Camp Cold Steel
Camp Condor [Amarah AB]
Camp Cooke [Taji AB]
Camp Cropper [Baghdad IAP]
Camp Cuervo [Rasheed AB]
Camp Dahuk [Dahuk]
Camp Diamondback [Mosul AB]
Camp Dogwood [al-Iskandaryah AB]
Camp Dragoon [Baghdad]
Camp Duke [Najaf]
Camp Eagle [Baghdad]
Camp Eagle III [Najaf]
Camp Edson [Diwaniyeh]
Camp Falcon [Rasheed AB]
Camp Fallujah [I MEF]
Camp Fenway [Qalat Sukar]
Camp Ferrin-Huggins [Rasheed AB]
Camp Freedom [Mosul]
Camp Freedom I [Baquba AF]
Camp Freedom II [Green Zone]
Camp Ganci [Abu Ghurayb Prison]
Camp Golf [Najaf]
Camp Graceland [Rasheed AB]
Camp Greywolf [Al Sijood]
Camp Griffin [Baghdad IAP]
Camp Gunslinger [Adhamiyah/Baghdad]
Camp Headhunter [Baghdad AB]
Camp Honor [Green Zone]
Camp Hope [Baghdad]
Camp Hope [Diwaniyeh]
Camp Hotel [Najaf]
Camp Hurricane Point [Ar Ramadi]
Camp Independence [Baghdad AB]
Camp Iron Horse [Green Zone]
Camp Ironhorse [Tikrit]
Camp Jennings [Al Amarah]
Camp Junction City [Ar Ramadi]
Camp Justice [Kadhamiyah/Baghdad]
Camp Korean Village [Ar Rutbah/H-3(?)]
Camp Lancer [K-2 AB]
Camp Leader [Mosul]
Camp Libeccio [Nasiriyah]
Camp Liberty [Abu Ghurayb]
Camp Lima [Baghdad]
Camp Manhattan [Habbaniyah AB]
Camp Marez [Mosul AB]
Camp Marlboro [Sadr City]
Camp Mercury
Camp Muleskinner [Rasheed AB]
Camp Nakamura [Nippur]
Camp Normandy [Muqdadiyah]
Camp Outlaw [Green Zone]
Camp Pacesetter [Samarra East AB]
Camp Paliwoda [Balad]
Camp Patriot [Green Zone]
Camp Performance [Mosul]
Camp Prosperity [Al Salam]
Camp Qayyarah [Quyarrah AB]
Camp Raider [Tikrit]
Camp Red Knight
Camp Redcatcher [Rasheed AB]
Camp Redemption [Abu Ghurayb Prison]
Camp Renegade [Kirkuk AB]
Camp Ridgway/Ridgeway [Al Taqaddum AB]
Camp Rustamiyah [Rasheed AB]
Camp Sather [Baghdad IAP]
Camp Scania [Nippur]
Camp Slayer [Radwaniyah]
Camp Solidarity [Adhamiyah/Baghdad]
Camp Speicher [al-Sahra AB]
Camp St. Mere [Fallujah]
Camp Steel Dragon [Green Zone]
Camp Steel Falcon [Dora Farms]
Camp Strike [Mosul]
Camp Stryker [Baghdad IAP]
Camp Sustainer
Camp Sycamore [al-Sahra AB]
Camp Taji [Taji AB]
Camp Taqaddum [Al Taqaddum AB]
Camp Thunder [Baghdad IAP]
Camp Top Gun [Mosul]
Camp Ultimo [Baghdad]
Camp Union I [Al Sijood]
Camp Union II [Al Sijood]
Camp Victory (51 Papa) [Abu Ghurayb]
Camp Victory [Abu Ghurayb]
Camp Victory North [Abu Ghurayb]
Camp Vigilant [Abu Ghurayb Prison]
Camp Viper [Jalibah AB]
Camp War Eagle [Baghdad]
Camp Warhorse [Baquba AF]
Camp Warrior [Al Sijood]
Camp Whitehorse
Camp Whitford [Tallil AB]
Camp Wolfpack [Green Zone]
Camp Zadan [Zadan]

Forward Operating Bases in Iraq

FOB al-Asad [al-Asad AB]
FOB Al-Tawheed Al-Thalith [Green Zone]
FOB Arrow [Ad Dawr]
FOB Bandit Island [1 AD]
FOB Bernstein [Tuz Khurmatu AB]
FOB Blue Diamond [Ar Ramadi]
FOB Brassfield-Mora [Samarra]
FOB Broomhead (3 ACR)
FOB Buzz
FOB Byers (3 ACR)
FOB Caldwell [Kirkush]
FOB Champion Base [Ar Ramadi]
FOB Chosin [Al Iskandariyah AB]
FOB Cobra [Abu Ghurayb]
FOB Constitution [Abu Ghurayb]
FOB Cooke [Taji AB]
FOB Danger [Tikrit]
FOB Daquq [Daquq]
FOB Delta [Kut AB]
FOB Duke [Najaf]
FOB Eagle [Balad]
FOB Echo [Diwaniyah]
FOB Eden [Hit]
FOB Endurance [Quyarrah AB]
FOB Ferrin-Huggins [Rasheed AB]
FOB Gabe [Baquba]
FOB Givens (3 ACR)
FOB Glory [Mosul AB]
FOB Grant [Tal Ashtah AB]
FOB Grizzly [Camp Ashraf]
FOB Guardian City [Al Taqaddum AB]
FOB Gunner [Taji AB]
FOB Headhunter [Baghdad AB]
FOB Hit [Al Anbar]
FOB Honor [Green Zone]
FOB Hotel [Najaf]
FOB Hurricane [Ar Ramadi]
FOB Ironhorse [Tikrit]
FOB Junction City [Ar Ramadi]
FOB Kalsu [Iskandariyah]
FOB Latham (3 ACR)
FOB Laurie [Fallujah]
FOB Lion [Balad AB]
FOB Manhattan [Habbaniyah AB]
FOB McHenry [Al Hawijah]
FOB McKenzie [Samarra East AB]
FOB Melody [Sadr City]
FOB Mercury [Fallujah]
FOB Miller (3 ACR)
FOB Morgan [Baghdad IAP]
FOB Muleskinner [Rasheed AB]
FOB Normandy [Muqdadiyah]
FOB O'Ryan (TF 2-108)
FOB Pacesetter [Samarra East AB]
FOB Packhorse [Tikrit]
FOB Paliden Base [Ar Ramadi]
FOB Quinn (3 ACR)
FOB Q-West [Quyarrah AB]
FOB Raider [Tikrit]
FOB Red Lion [Camp Ashraf]
FOB Ridgway/Ridgeway [Al Taqaddum AB]
FOB Rough Rider [Mandali]
FOB Sabre [Ar Ramadi]
FOB Scania [Nippur]
FOB Spartan [Camp Ashraf]
FOB Speicher [al-Sahra AB]
FOB St. Mere [Fallujah]
FOB St. Michael [Mahmudiyah]
FOB Steel Dragon [Green Zone]
FOB Summerall [Bayji]
FOB Tiger [Al Qaim]
FOB Trojan Horse [Green Zone]
FOB Union III [Green Zone]
FOB Volturno [Fallujah]
FOB War Eagle [Baghdad]
FOB Warhorse [Baquba AF]
FOB Warrior [Kirkuk AB]
FOB Webster [Al Asad AB]
FOB Wilson [Ad Dawr]
FOB Wyatt [Balad AB]

Other known locations

Al Azimiyah Palace
Baghdad Convention Center
Bashur AB
Butler Range Complex
Champion Base [Ar Ramadi]
Champion Main [Ar Ramadi]
CJTF Babylon
CMOC Ar Ramadi
CMOC Baghdad
CMOC Diwaniyah
CMOC Mosul
CMOC Samarra
CSC Scania [Nippur]
Engineer Base Anvil [Rasheed AB]
Essayons Base [Republican Palace]
Fire Base Glory [Mosul AB]
Firebase Melody [Sadr City]
Firebase Shoemaker [Ar Ramadi]
FLB Sycamore [al-Sahra AB]
Green Zone [Baghdad]
H-1 Airstrip
Haditha Dam
Hard Site [Abu Ghurayb]
Hurricane Base [Ar Ramadi]
International Zone [Baghdad]
Kirkuk AB
Kut AB
Log Base Seitz
Loyalty Base [Ar Ramadi]
LSA Adder [Tallil AB]
LSA Anaconda [Balad AB]
LSA Diamondback [Mosul AB]
LSA Highlander [Al Salam]
LSA Viper [Jalibah AB]
MEK Compound
OBJ Jaguar [Quyarrah AB]
OBJ Redskins [Al Taqaddum AB]
OBJ Weber [al-Asad AB]
Post Freedom [Mosul]
Redcatcher Field [Rasheed AB]
Rifles Base (3 ACR) [Ar Ramadi]
Saddamiat Al-Tharthar
Stryker Island [Baghdad IAP]
Taji Military Camp
Tall 'Afar AB
Tiger Base [Al Qaim]
TSP Whitford [Tallil AB]
Victory Base [Abu Ghurayb]



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